I’m Sue, and I’ve worn many hats across my career.

I’ve worked as an accountant and trader, owned a bridal boutique, dabbled in interior design, and currently I’m launching my online store, Numero 67.

To this day, I also work as a professional photographer for major fashion campaigns, corporate, and portrait clients. Several years back, a well-known fashion designer asked me to design an online store for them – after that, I knew I was destined to work in the space of online presence.

As a true Virgo, I’m self-taught and hands-on, with a thirst for knowledge (earning me the nickname of ‘Sue-gle’ with my friends). I have a knack for finding and implementing solutions that most people wouldn’t consider, culminating in 20 years of experience in helping small businesses realise their vision.

The best of both worlds, I’m a designer with a business brain, and I design with beauty, simplicity and purpose in mind, but most importantly, results.

Let’s work together to identify the issues that are stopping your business from moving forward, focus on what makes you unique, what your values are, and how we can bring your brand to life.

I’m ready to reveal the real you, bring clarity to your strategy, and walk with you along those first steps in your brand journey. My client partnerships are always collaborative, bespoke and transformative, and I can’t wait to meet you.